1This section concerning the 10th muse is smaller in size -80 collections with 66.000 objects in it. The private collections of the famous directors E. Melik-Karamyan, S. Kevorkov, G. Melik-Avakyan, H. Hovhannisyan, A. Hay-Artyan, L. Isahakyan, F. Dovlatyan, L. Vagharshyan, A. Manaryan, the cameramen S. Israyelyan, Vardanyan, the film artists M. Arutchyan, S. Andranikyan, the cinema critics D. Dznuni, G. Chakhiryan, several movie actors and others are kept in this section.

2The collections of the founder of Armenian cinematography, world-famous director and artist Hamo Beknazaryan, the Soviet cameraman Dm. Feldman and the founder of Armenian animation L.Atamanov collaborated with him are of great value.

3The private collections are completed by cinema scripts, photos, sketches, posters and bills. The unique equipments by which the first Armenian films have been shot are also kept in this section.