1The books, papers and magazines penetrated into the museum with different collections are preserved here. There are also private collections including only printed literature (as V. Habeshyan’s, G.Arslanyan’s and others’). Almost 20000 books not taking into consideration thousand items of old and new periodicals are preserved in the library now. Herewith the pieces of different types from periodicals are of great number.


The collections of books of the classics of Armenian Literature M.Nalbandyan, H,Tumanyan, G.Zohrab, D.Varudzan, Siamanto, Y.Charents, D.Demirchyan , the Armenologists M. Abeghyan H.Acharyan and etc are very valuable. Among them there are autographs which throw light upon the biography of the given writers and their creative relations.

The collections of books of T.Azatyan and A.Chobanyan including thousand books and periodicals both in Armenian and foreign languages among them various unique items are extremely worthy. The complete collection of well-known paper “Byuzandion” published in K.Polis has been received with T.Azatyan’s collection. 367 early printed books containing unique examples are also preserved in Azatyan’s and others’ collection. Almost 42000 books mainly of armenological type thousand examples of periodicals are kept in the library. There are also 136 ancient books some of them in foreign languages in the library.